Hide all agile board related functionality from reporters

Hi team,

We are currently evaluating your product (YouTrack) and are really close to making our decision (for YouTrack that is). At this very moment I am trying to configure the tool for one of our projects and I have a external reporter set-up. One thing I do not seem to be able to do, is revoke the reporters permission for creating agile boards.

I already (per agile board) changed the setting of 'visibility' to developers only - so the reporters cannot see our active boards (which is good). But still they are able to create a new, empty board which holds no function or whatsoever (they cannot even interact). The only thing they can do is adding swimlanes.

To summarize; how can I remove the 'Agile boards' button (top navigation) and the 'Create' agile board functionality for a role (like reporters)? Thanks!

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