YouTrack test/staging environment, clone db

I have the need to set up a test environment before upgrading our YouTrack instance.  I'd like to import the live database to this test environment to, well, test things. We run a 100 user license live, but for the test instance, we only need 2 or 3 active users. I have the test instance up and running, successfully imported the live db from backup, but it looks to be using the same license. I try to click the "switch to youtrack free pack" button in the settings page, it reverts back to the original license after a refresh.

What is the best approach to take to run a test instance per my requirements?  I currently have banned all but 2 users in the test instance.  Do I need to worry about using the same license in both test and live?  Both are on the same domain, if that makes a difference.
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Hello Steven,

Again, sorry for delay with this!
Your scenario is available, so you can restore from the backup under the same license.

Thank you.

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