Time tracking Reports are buggy

I have 2 tasks on which I worked today 07/03:
  KJ-41 - 1h20m,
  KJ-40 - 1h40m. 2 time tracking items: 1h10m and 30m.
  Some other task in another project.
Now I create a time report with parameters:
  context: assigned to me
  query: empty
  group report by: type
  interval: 07/03/2014-07/03/2014

Result: just 1h10m are reported, one time tracking item of 3.

Please advise me how to create this report.
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Hello Denis,

Sorry for short delay.
Please, provide me with the screenshot of these two tasks with opened Time Tracking tab and the Report screenshot.

Thank you.
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I reported the same issue as a bug: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-121869
Also attached the screenshots.


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