Assign an issue to multiple folks

I would like to assign testing of new features to multiple testers. I have created a group of tester and added that group under assignee of the project.
However the group does not show up under assignees only the uses.

Moreover, is there a way to define a way to always assign issues to a set of users when moved to a specific stage (i.e. testing).
Thanks a lot
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Hello Sabine,

To assign multiple users, Assignee custom field should be of type 'user[*]'.
Speaking of automatically assign issue, this can be achieved with the workflow. Please, take a look at the workflow guides. Also, yo may have a look at the existing workflows under Administration > Workflows.

Thank you.
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We initially set up YouTrack to allow multiple assignees.  However, we quickly ran into issues with time tracking and capacity planning.  It may seem a bit messy, but you might consider cloning tasks and assigning one to each individual.

Workflows are a pain to create, but you could definitely create one that would clone a task and assign each new task to certain individuals when the parent was moved into a specific state.

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