Can no longer upload attachments

All of a sudden, I can no longer upload attachments to existing YouTrack issues. Getting a Java update error. Despite having updated, I continue to get the error regardless of platform and browsers. I have tried Firefox, IE and Chrome on Windows 2007 (laptop) as well as on my 1st generation iPad (iOS 5.1.1).

I should note that if I create a new issue, I can upload attachments as usual.

Anyone else encounter this problem?
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Hello Liza,

Please, clarify, do you use our Screenshot applet or try to upload a file?

Thank you.
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Hi Audrey,

I am not sure what you call it – I am selecting the "Attach" pulldown and then selecting "Screenshot." That's how I've always done it and it worked just fine. Then, "all of a sudden," it stopped working. (I noticed that the YouTrack build timestamp showed an update on 4/16. My attachment issues started soon after that.)

Please see attached for screenshots to better explain my issues.

I had never noticed the "Applet loading..." dialogue before.  Normally, when I select Attach file > Screenshot, it immediately opened my File Explorer windows to browse to the file I wanted to attach.

For what it's always happens now when I want to attach a file to an existing issue and only occasionally happens when I attach a file during the creation of a new issue.

Lastly, my workaround is to use your drag-n-drop feature to drop the files. I hadn't used that before b/c I had always done it the way described above out of habit. So, I am back on track (no pun intended). I only follow up in case there is something YouTrack needs to address.

Also, I received the link I think you sent about a workaround. I saved it, but haven't used it yet b/c the drag-n-drop feature is working for me.

Thanks for the follow up.

youtrack-attach-error.png.pdf (162KB)
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Hi Sabina,

Thank you for details!
Please, take a look at the workaround and let me know if it helps.

Thank you.

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