Impersonation in the YouTrack API

I've seen some posts about this in 2011 and I wonder if anything has improved so far.

I would like to get impersonation going for creating and modifying issues, comment and work items.
What would be the recommended way to go?

I'm trying to get a third party time tracker integrated into YouTrack by automated exports. (Toggl in this case)
A user-bound API key would be great.It seems that I could maybe do a hackish solution: store the session cookies and reuse them.
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Hello Robert,

Here is the user bound methods.
Please share the use case, how this integration should work?

Thank you.
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Dear Andrey,

I would like to have a service act on behalf of a user.
This is quite common behaviour, supplying an API key to have an application/machine act on your behalf.

In my case:

Step 1) A service retrieves work from Toggle using a users' API key. (thus acting on behalf of the user)
Step 2) A service pushes workitems to YouTrack after crossmatching issues based on our conventions.

Step 1 is possible: Toggle has an API key per user.
For now it seems step 2 is not easily possible without user-interaction unless I store the cookies somewhere.
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Any ideas on how I should proceed? The ugly solution is to store users' passwords in our system (encrypted or plain text, but not hashed)

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