Permission to Create a Sprint


I'm looking for help as to why i don't have permission to create sprints on certain agile boards, but I do on others. I have the same permissions and roles on both.  

I also found another thread here that mentioned I need to have 'Update project' permission enabled, and I do have it on both.

Any advice would be great - we've stumped a few people here already.


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You are right - user have to have 'Update project' permission to create sprint.
Could you provide more details:
1. What YT version\kind of installation do you use?
2. What field do you use to identify sprints?
Could you send us your YouTrack database? (upload to our ftp server  other users won’t be able to see your DB)
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Hi Mikhail, sorry for the delay in response - I had replied to the email I received instead of replying here.

We are using YouTrack 5.0.1 build #7272 and we use the Sprint field to identify sprints.

I'm actually not the admin on the account, so I'm not sure how to send you our database.  Let me get in touch with an admin and get back to you.


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