Mailbox Integration Filter problems

Hi all,

I have two projects that share a single mailbox to receive reports from non-users via e-mail.

I setup the mailbox, created two rules for each project, and I've tried different combinations of filter settings, but had no luck at all.

I wanted to have the subject be "Project1: some text for new bug" and filter on ^Project1:, but this does not work.
I tried to move the text from the subject to the body of the mail, also without an luck.

The issue is always created in the first rule entries Project, and also receives an Id from the (wrong) project.

Can anyone help me on this?
Anyone got this running?

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Hello Andreas,

Sorry for a short delay!
I'd suggest you to create different folders/labels(for Gmail), set up integration to use IMAP and configure integration for each project to fetch particular folder in your mailbox.
For example, project1 should fetch folder Inbox in your mailbox, project2 should fetch folder SecretProject in your mailbox.
Fetching can be configured under Administration> Mailbox integration> Rule> Filter tab.

Thank you.
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Hi Andrey,

fetching Mail from Folders is a good idea, but I cannot use it, because my mail provider does not provide rules to sort mails to different folders.
I have to fetch the mails from the Inbox and have to filter by anything in subject or in e-mail body.
But this does not seem to work even if YouTrack does offer the capabilities to do so.

What can I do?


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Thanks for details. Completely agree with you.
We already have this issue reported.
Please, watch for updates.

Thank you.
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We did this by using one (g-)mailbox with multiple e-mail aliases.
For example: mailbox has the aliases:,, ...
In Youtrack we added a rule for each alias that filters by the receiver.


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