Assign ticket to the last user who took an action


I've a workflow with a state machine rule and several events.

One of these events is "fix proposed".

When I review the fix, if the fix is not good, I chose "fix declined" and the ticket gets assigned to the reporter.

That's ok in most cases, since the reporter is also who's is supposed to make the fix, but not always.
For instance, if the ticket get reassigned to someone else, he will actually for on the fix.

This is the current code for the "fix declined" event:
state Fix declined { 
  enter { 
    if ( != loggedInUser) { 
      issue.comments.required("Please add a reason why you're not accepting this fix."); 
    } else { 
      issue.Assignee = issue.reporter; 
  on Fix reviewed[always] do {<define statements>} transit to Fix proposed 

I must change issue.Assignee = issue.reporter; to something like issue.Assignee ={fix proposed}).author or  issue.Assignee = issue.history.last({Fix proposed}).author.

These things doesn't exists, as far as I can see, so how can I achieve the same result with the WorkFlow language?

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Can someone from the support answer me?
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Unfortunately, issue history access hasn't implemented yet, please follow JT-12687.
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Thank Dmitry.

Four votes, with mine, for a 25 years old ticket: unlikely this will ever been implemented, I'm afraid.

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