Unable to create issue in Agile Board


We are using YouTrack for managing different projects in our company. Each of the projects has its own needs and for most of the them we are using different fields.
So far so good, but after all the configuration, we are not able to create new issues/task in the Board view. When I click (Alt + Insert) New Task button on the screen appears the "Create new task" window which has only two fields - Summary and Description.
When I enter the data in this two fields and click on Save button - the following message appears "Issue Draft can't be orphan as there is no value suitable for it."

If I go to the Issue view (not Agile) everything is working normally. The difference is that the "Create New Task" window contains all the defined fields for the project.

Do you know why I am getting this error?
Is there a way to change the "Create New Task" window on the Agile board view (just to be the same as it is on the Issue View)?
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Hello Lubomir,

This may appear if the issue creates with default state value which doesn't present on the board. For example, task creates with Submitted default value, but the board has only Open, In Progress, Fixed columns. Please, check that default state value is selected in Agile settings> Board columns.

Thank you.

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