email integration permissions


I want to use mail integration as explained in (using YouTrack 5.2.2).

Whenever I send a mail to the designated mailbox it generates an issue and, if the mail from is unknown, it generates a new user based on the localpart of the email address.

That's just fine, however, the new user created has a role of "observer" since it belongs to the All Users group and thus, it is able to read tickets and comments in every project which is FAR from what we want.

I'd like users created by email to only belong to the project associated with the mailbox of the project where the mail  was sent and, in fact, I'd rather they would only be able to read issues they generated and NOT other users' issues.

The jetbrains-youtrack-notifyMultipleUnregisteredUsers workflows only seem to handle the messages sent to the registered-by-mail users (unregistered users seem like a wrong name since the users are actually registered -automatically- when they send the first email and they even take a user slot).

Is that even possible? Where should I look into so as to configure something like that.

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