Email Notifications when an Issue is being assigned to me

I am confused about email notifications.

I was getting to many emails and had to delete them each day.
All I really care about is if an issue is being assigned to me.  

I am using the InCloud version.

I only have Enable email notifications option checked in the first list.
I have all options checked for tag "Star"

I have all options checked for "Assigned to me" saved search.

Now, if an issue is just assigned to me, I do not get a notification.  Maybe because it was assigned to someone else at the time it is being updated to be assigned to me?
However, if an issue assigned to me is commented on, I do get an email.

Surely there should be the ability just to be notified if someone assigns a task to you?

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Hello Phillip,

You may leave only 'on issue updated' option for 'Assigned to me' saved search.
The known behavior is that there is no splitting to attributes. Assigning issue is issue update actions as well as updating custom fields or time tracking. Will try to enhance this in future releases.

Thank you.
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I am also having this problem.  Is this also a problem with youtrack version 7.0?


Thank you.


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Hi Shawn, could you please attach a screenshot of your profile > Notifications tab (the full page)?

Which YouTrack build number are you using right now?

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Thank you for responding so quickly. We are using version 28110.

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Could you please open the Issue list, find the 'Assigned to Me' saved search, open its settings and send a screenshot of it?

Also please click this saved search and show us if there are any issues found by it.

As far as I can see, this search is not a default one because its title should be capitalized differently. So I suppose that the default 'Assigned to me' search is broken on your instance for some reason. If there is no 'Assigned to me' search (with lower-case 'me') in the list of saved searches, then please submit a support request and provide the full logs of your instance.



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