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Because I'm the project manager I'd like to get e-mail notifications all of the issue changes made in YT.

I read some conversations in JF but I don't understand the real behaviour of this function:
--> I get emails when issues changed I created
--> I get emails when a Star tagged issues changed
--> but I don't get email when other issues changed: for example the change (comment, state change...) happened in other project

Can someone explain me how this works? And what I have to set in YT to get notification emails when anything changed in YT's issues?

Thx in advance!
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Hello Gábor,

To be notified on issues' changes in other projects, you need to check target project(saved seaacrh) in your Profile> Filters and Notifications. Find taget saved search and check actions you wish to be notified on: for example, 'on comment posted ' in front of target seacrh.

Thank you.

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