REST Interface

Wow, set out to do an integration between YouTrack and Slack. Turned into a huge nightmare that I am going to go write a post about. Why? Because the REST interface is anemically lacking.

There's an RSS feed. You would think that would contain the information about what was changed. Wrong. Ok, so it just tells you what was touched. Then you have to call a REST interface to get the changes. Ok, suboptimal, but was fine with that went along.

But wait. Someone added a comment and we didn't see it. Apparently a comment is not a change. Ok, so now I have to go get the comments, from the ticket, oh, and the comment dates are different than the feed dates so if I want to be sure not to post duplicates, I have to now track multiple dates. Starting to feel nauseous.

But we're not done yet! Someone made a progress thumbnail and attached it to the ticket. We didn't find out about it. Becuase that is also not a change. Another REST API, with other date logic.

Thanks so much for this. Seriously, it's a complete embarrassment that this is out there.

As you probably know, JIRA has out of the box Slack integration.

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