Workflow and Field x should be multi-value warning

Using a simple workflow I am trying to do a field update when the Fixed in build field is changed from Next Build to a build number.  I created an Environment enum(1) field with values Development, Test, Production.  When trying to add the workflow to the project it gives a warning that field Environment should be multi-value.  Why would it warn this when I just want one value selected in that field.  Below is the small script for the workflow.

rule sample rule to update field when Fixed in build is changed

when Fixed in build.changed {
  Environment = {Development};
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Answered in the feedback issue.
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I'm having a similar issue but don't see the answer here

Dmitry Krasilschikov - can you comment the answer to this ticket? 

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Hello! I'm sorry for the delay.

This message should mean that when you've generated that workflow that field was allowing multiple values and now it doesn't. So to fix that please do the following: 

1) Restart your Workflow Editor

2) Make sure that nothing is highlighted in red in the code of your wofklow

3) Right-click the workflow in the tree and Force upload it to the server

Please try this and let us know if that doesn't help.

Thank you.


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