Require to enter spent time when issue state have changed


I have been struggling with spent time field, as I need coworkers to enter spent time when issue state changes. (No, we do not want to use spent time timer that automatically counts time)

I have tried two options:
1.turn of time tracking so user could enter time manually and use workflow assert spent time.required when issue.state.becomes ready for testing || QA approved || Closed
The problem with this option is, if user entered any spent time already, command line wont be prompted as field is already filled.
2. If i turn time tracking on(This is better option due reports) user can not enter spent time manually so first workflow option do not work as predefined command is suitable only for manual spent time edit. Normally, there is command in command line that can be used instead "work 24m ... " but I cant figure out how to write the workflow what would require to update spent time using "work" command for specific issue.

Any ideas?
Thank you
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Unfortunately there isn't such ability, please vote for JT-17435.

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