Moved VM to another host login redirects to old ip

I was trying out Youtrack on one VM (debian wheezy 7.7), all working fine with exception of mail. Turns out the corp firewall was blocking my smtp requests. So, I've moved the VM to another host to test the email notifications etc (outside of the firewall restrictions).

Running as 'java -jar youtrack-5.2.5-8823.jar 8000' gets youtrack spewing its messages to the console, however, when I attempt to log in to the new IP assigned by this vm host, I am getting redirected to what the IP address was as assigned on the original VM host.

How do I override that redirect?

I log on to:
then redirected to:

Console says:
DEBUG [ControllerOperations] ... Response: redirect to
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Hello Aaron,

Please, start YouTrack with Java parameter 'jetbrains.youtrack.baseUrl' , details can be found here.
This allows you direct baseURL providing.

Thank you.
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Thank you.
Ran as desired as you described with:
java -jar -Djetbrains.youtrack.baseUrl= youtrack-5.2.5-8823.jar 8000
Subsequently went to Settings and confirmed the Base URL, and now able to run without the jetrbrains.youtrack.baseUrl parameter from the command line.

Thank you for the prompt reply - great program from what I've poked around with so far (and the mail integration is working perfectly!).


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