Impact of customization on maintainability

My company has finally decided to buy and start using YouTrack 6.0. Before we start using it, we’d like to make some customization to better align YouTrack with our business terminology, but I’m concerned about making changes that would complicate maintenance (upgrading to future releases). I’m hoping someone can give me hints on what to avoid customizing in case there are some known pitfalls.

I’m specifically thinking on important standard fields such as State, its corresponding States bundle and any workflows referencing those. What if I for instance rename “Submitted” to something else? Will that complicate future upgrades?

Is it possible and would it be better to instead translate “Submitted” using localization? It looks like I can create a new l10n directory by copying the GitHub master, and then simply change some of the existing state translations.

All input appreciated!
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Thank you for considering YouTrack for your team!
You may rename any custom field without any impacts but the workflow- workflow will still be referenced to the former custom field name.
As for localization, please have a look a the guide. Note, custom localization is available only for Stand-alone installation.

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