How to count money in youtrack

I have got a small team - 3 men. You tarck perfect for manage tasks and count working time every team guy.
But i would like to count money - i have got an houre rate, and whould like to count and time and money which i should pay to my team.
Is it possible ?

Hi Andrey,

Sorry for not responding earlier.
That's pretty interesting case. We've never solved solved such scenarios before, however, I you're able to adopt this default workflow 'jetbrains-youtrack-standaloneWorkTimer' to the case. In general you need to have a timer which starts and stops the process and then set resulting value in particular custom field.

Thank you.
If you have only 3 developers, you can add work type for each. Then run time report that outputs type. Then add your post-process where you'd apply different rate based on work type. That's of course a workaround and not completely integrated. Ideally Youtrack would have a rate either per developer or per work type and a report that accounts for it.

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