Youtrack on Windows - suddenly stopped working, reinstall does not work

I have youtrack installed on a Windows Server 2008, running as a service on port 8080. (To get it installed, I just changed the port to 8080 like stated in the documentation after the installer failed to start the service. Something else is already occupying port 80)

During the last night, it suddenly stopped working, the service could not be restarted. In the logfiles were nothing.

During that night, Windows updates were apparently installed, so that might have killed something.
So what I did was to uninstall, and try to reinstall. But it just will die on starting the installer, even after changing to port 8080.

What I tried than is to install youtrack via the zip installation. This one worked, and I am up and running again. But this requires a user to be logged in.
Is there a way to run this zip installation as a service now? That would be great. :)

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