Is it possible to perform an HTTP GET or POST as part of a workflow

For example, when a ticket gets marked as Critical, I want to do an HTTP POST to what amounts to a webhook target to assist in notifications.
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For now, the option is not available, please refer to .
However, for your scenario, don't notifications on Issue update, fix the case? What should be the assistance?

Thank you.
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Thanks Andrey.  Yes, that is the same issue at hand.  Really what it boils down to is this - if an issue get created (or elevated) to a Critical level or higher, I want to be push notified with a text message to my phone (such as via SMS or PushBullet).  The only current work around is to poll an email server and do some text parsing, or poll youtrack RestAPI but be smart enough to track state.  I consider both situations to be less than ideal (particularly when you consider having to balance poll intervals with notification speed), considering the obvious solution is to just do an HTTP post somewhere to notify.  I hope the YT team considers supporting this feature in future versions of YT.


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