Reinstate authentication options for user

Our InCloud instance has recently been upgraded to v6 and I had one user who couldn't log in. I thought I'd refresh his authentication options by removing the Hub option and reinstating it for the specific user. However after removing the Hub option for the user I don't appear to have the ability to re-add it.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Hello Phil,

Built-in Hub auth-handler cannot be restored, as it's mentioned in warning message when attempt to remove the handler.
You may create new user and merge it with the former.

Thank you.
Hi Andrey,

I've just tried the same action on another user and nowhere in the warning does it say you can't restore the hub authentication model !!!

It says the user won't be able to login with those credentials - which is expected as that's what I'm removing - however what you're saying is if you remove the Hub method you can't add a new one to the user, essentially creating a garbage user record.


From my point of view, this warning
If you revoke these authorization credentials, then <username> will no longer be able to log in with these credentials anymore. Proceed?
assumes the action is not reversible. However, thank you for your feedback, we'll think about the warning message redesign.
Hi Andrey,

I completely understand that if I remove someone's login credentials then they won't be able to use them anymore. I think however, there needs to be a distinction between a user's credentials (username and password) and the method they use to login (hub)

If I remove a user's credentials by removing the "Hub" authentication method then I would expect to be able to re-add the hub login method and create new credentials for them (a new password) to use.

I don't see the point of allowing someone to remove the "hub" login method if they can't add a blank one back in. What value does removing that method add to the user?

I agree with Phil that creating a new login is pretty much expected and merging accounts to regain a valid login is counterintuitive.


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