Adding users/groups to project with API

I am trying to optimise the creation of projects using the API:
  1. get groupmembers from an Active Directory group (works)
  2. get youtrack logins for these AD users (works)
  3. create a project in youtrack via API (works)
  4. create a group in youtrack via API (works)
  5. add previously retrieved groupmembers to group (works)
  6. assign "Developer" role to new group (doesn't work, issue filed)
  7. add group to project assignees

I am stuck on step 7, without which we cannot actually assign issues to developers. The only documented API calls for Project Assignees are GET calls. How do we use the API to allow users to be assigned issues to the project?

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To answer my own question - project assignees are a user bundle, and should be manipulated using custom fields.

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