number of users in Youtrack standalone version for 10 users

I am using Youtrack and I want to know which database it uses for the standalone version.
I am using a free version as a trial .
I found that there is no way of deleting users.
I have a limit of 10 users .
Users were also created for clients when they send mail to the help desk email id.
But my team has 10 support engineers so I donot want to create users for Clients.
I banned the users created for the clients.
Apart from the user ids for clients that I banned, can I create 10 user ids for my team members?
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Hi Navreet,

If your first question about engine, then YouTrack uses its own database called Xodus.
Correct, YouTrack has no direct Delete user operation. Merge and Ban action are available instead.
Banned users don't count towards license, so yes, if you ban users you're able to create new user.
Taking into account your scenario, I guess, this solution will be helpful for you.

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