Youtrack restful API & SAP Webi restful API can talk and transfer data from youtrack to webi report

Can you please advise ?

Note: I am novice programmer, please provide a detailed step solutions

Scenario: Our team logs Issues in issue tracker :  from vendor youtrack which exposes its restful APIs for cloud data access

we are currently at SAP BO BI 4.0 sp04 patch 4.9

Was able to access this data using python script. I am aware of manual workaround option1) export data from above site to csv and upload to IDT universe or option 2) Input file repository server and then create the reports out of it using webi rich client

My requirement is to create a webi report using this resful API, data to be automatically fed in to webintelligence tool either XML format or WSDL sebservice and refresh the webi created report directly from youtrack data

Can you please provide me the direction for automation? and advice


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