How to detect a change in the Description of an issue

I try to detect when a reporter starts to fill in the description.
I use the following rule: "issue.description.changed". This does not work. However when the description is cleared then the rule triggers.
For a change of the summary, "issue.summary.changed" works just fine.

My intention is to use this rule for applying guidance to the reported and tell him to first fill in a mandatory custom field. I want to check that field BEFORE creating the issue. Reason: When submitting the assert would increment the issue ID each time the user tries to submit without filling in the mandatory field.

Can anybody explain why the rule does not work?
It there a way to prevent that the issue ID keeps up increasing each time an assert is pops-up?

Help is greatly appreciated.

A YouTrack newby.
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If I'm not mistaken the description.changed isn't triggered on typing because of huge requests that would be generated.
It there a way to prevent that the issue ID keeps up increasing each time an assert is pops-up?

I haven't managed to reproduce it.
If you can please report steps to reproduce in new issue on Thank you!

I'd use a workflow like this for your case:
rule Mandatory fields 
when !isReported() && summary.changed { 
  Fix versions.required("please fill 'Fix versions'"); 
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Hi Dmitry,

You can reproduce the problem with incrementing ID's as follows:

step 1: apply the following rule:
when becomesreported() {
 Fix versions.required("")

step 2: fill in summary
step 3: press Create issue
step 4: repeat step 5 several times
step 5: fill in 'Fix versions'
step 6: create issue
step 7: observe the ID of the created issue

expected: ID is last ID + 1
actual  : ID is last ID + # of attemtps to create
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I started a new thread for the issue with the unwanted increments of the issue ID

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