Bugzilla import creating users - tidy-up

Hi there,
am sorry to bother, I have some question regarding the users licensing issue, I have recently done an import from a Bugzilla, we have the trial license version.
we have import 8000 bugs and it also automatically create 100 users (old users) which tight -in to the 8000 bugs.  Bugs are import for reference purposes only.

in reality we only have 6 people are going to be using you track onward.

1. if I delete the 100 users, what would happen to the bugs that related to the users?
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Permanently deleted user
Hello, Shiokee chia,

I would rather recommend you to ban unused users (banned users are not counted in license).
Otherwise you'll have to merge all users into one fake user (also banned) and you will loose readable data of authors.

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