Disable sprints in agile board

Hi there,

I have been trying the free hosted version of YouTrack to evaluate how useful it would be for my company.

I have been using the agile board for one project as a Kanban board, however in order to do so I must have a custom field set on the project for 'versions' - to be used to identify sprints.

We currently have no desire to utilise the sprint functionality of the agile boards, and we are not planning on using the 'version' custom field (primarily because we can't auto-populate the possible values from our git repositories), however if I unattached the 'version' custom field from the project the agile board perpetually throws the following warning:

Field 'Version', which is set as the sprint field for the board, is not attached to any of its projects. Please update board settings or attach this field to at least one of the board's projects.

Is there a facility I can delete the 'sprint' functionality, or suppress this warning in any way?

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