Report - Issues Average Age

When I create a report on the average age is impossible to choose the type of field tasks for which will be made a report.

There is only one option.

How I can select the other fields?

Official comment

Hello! This setting is restricted to display only custom fields that store a state type. So if you have more than one field of State type, you should be able to select those.

Please let me know if you have further questions and attach a screenshot of the report settings if needed. Thank you!

The situation is like in the screenshots

Field "Priority" have "enum" type and field "Stage" have "state" type. But in report setup I see only field "priority"....


Please tell, which YT are you using, InCloud or a standalone one? If it's an InCloud, please tell me the name of the instance. Thank you!


Hello Egor,

unfortunately our current documentation on this report is a bit misleading because it states that only fields of type State should be listed in this dropdown. However, this dropdown should show fields of types version[1], ownedField[1], state[1], and enum[1]. We'll update the documentation as soon as possible.

I reproduced an issue similar to yours and reported into our tracker: Please vote / comment on it to increase its priority in our system and be notified of the updates.

We're sorry for the inconvenience.


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