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I'll plan to use your product - YouTrack for working with open-source projects. That projects are personal non-commercial, I'm working alone. For some reasons I want to try self-hosted planning system, and I think about to use your product.

I want to clarify some of the questions, because I didn't found info in the YouTrack documentation.
1. What conditions for personal use YouTrack?
2. Can I install YouTrack on personal hosting with domain - Give me, please, documentation's link.
3. What solutions for cross-system integration (sms- and email notification, git (GitHub, Bitbucket), IDE (Pycharm, Sublime Text), other planning system (JIRA, Trello, Redmine, etc))?

Thank for your product!

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Hello! Thank you for reaching out and sorry for the delay.

1) We have several plans for Standalone YouTrack that differ only by number of allowed active users. You can find more information about our license plans here:

2) You can set up a base URL while installing a Standalone YouTrack, instructions for different distributions are here:

3) Please find the information here: and here:

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