How to use the from address in the comments when using helpdesk mail integration




We are using Email Integration for Helpdesk.

All seems to work nicely! What I seek help with is the following:

Due to lack of users in our license we have opted to parse a single user, in this case root, as the reporter of the tickets. What I would like it to parse the from email address in the header of the comments of that ticket. That way, our helpdeskers do not get confused when they see a comment by " root ", which in reality is just a response from the person asking the helpdesk a question.

It seems that the from address is saved in the  ${from} command.



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Hello Yoram,

sorry for the delay. Here is one possible solution for this:

1) Create a separate string field to store the email address from which the letter came. For example, you can call it `Last comment from`.

2) Write command `Last comment from ${from}` in the 'Postprocessing' section.

3) Write a workflow rule which will check the field `Last comment from` when a comment is being added, and add the content of this field into the beginning of the comment.


Please let us know if you have any further questions, thank you!

Hi Yoram,

were you able to write the workflow for this? I am looking to do the same: add the from email address to the comments.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Many thanks,


Hi Claire,


please feel free to submit a support ticket in case you need any help writing a custom workflow:


Hi Liubov,


thank you for your feedback. I have already logged a ticket but was told 

"I'm afraid we don't write workflows for our customers. I can only help in case you have any specific questions. 
Please refer to for more details about altering user messages."


That is true, we don't write workflows, we can only provide assistance and answer questions. If you have any questions, we'll be happy to help.


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