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I'm having problems trying to deselect an issue/task after it has been selected in the agile board. In the UI it will get a dashed blue border around it when this occurs. If I can't deselect it then the next issue that I go to add via the agile board becomes a child of the selected issue, which is not what I want. I also tried looking for a while to maybe select a swim lane (because I'd like the task to become a child of that), but I can find no way to do this either. Thanks for any insight you can provide!


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 Hello Kevin,

 You can use deselect a card with ESC key. However, I checked creating tasks with selection and without it:

- when task is selected and I click ALT+Insert- task is created without Subtask of link

May it be the case you mistakenly create tasks on swimlane? Some useful keys:

Alt + INSERT create new task
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + INSERT create new swimlane
Ctrl + Alt + INSERT create new subtask for the selected card



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