Only show sprints applicable for agile board


I created two different agile boards for 2 different products we are creating. When i press the dropdown for the sprints i see sprints for both agile boards. Is there a way to limit the sprints to show only the ones applicable for that board?



Hello Rik,

Thanks a lot for your patience! We deeply apologies for not responding earlier.
You observe this because Versions bundle is shared between these projects.
This can be configured under Administration> Custom fields> Fix versions> Create new bundle option.

Let me know if need any further assistance.


Thanks Andrey,

I am not sure i understand what to do exactly. I have created Releases custom field where i have a bundle with release versions. This is how i differentiate the agile boards. In fix versions are the sprints if i am correct. So what exactly do i need to do to only show the appropriate sprints for that version?


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