Matrix Reports

When I create a matrix report with:
- project assigned
- filtered to: '#{subsystem} sort by: links'
- x-axis: State (sort order: by count desc)
- y-axis: Assignee (sort order: by count desc)
- presentation: matrix

Setup: Open the report and click on one of the numbers within the matrix (representing issues that match state assignee combination) it pops up a list of YouTrack issues that match the criteria of the selected number in the matrix, so far so good.

Issue: When I then try to click the back button in the browser to navigate back to the matrix report nothing happens except the url in the address bar changes to: and the back browser button grays out so I can't click back to the report. I have to click in the address bar and hit the enter key in order to get back to the matrix report. Not a hooj issue but just checking to see whether this was by design or not.

I'm running YouTrack 6.0 Build 12463, Google Chrome: Version 38.0.2125.111.


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