Gantt Chart & EDCs

Currently we are working on getting the best tool for our development group to manage our projects. YouTrack has been our highest interest and it does just about everything we want. However as we get to the higher level project management there is some lacking. Specifically, project scheduling and Estimated Date of Completions.
I feel that an ideal addition to the reports would be a Gantt chart that would take the depends on relations, time estimations and assignees, to put show a critical path and estimated end time. As tasks are completed they fall off the chart and a new end time is estimated. The end time could be even more informed by looking at the percent difference of the estimation vs. actual time on completed tasks.
Another nice feature would be for tasks to be weighted by their estimated time when showing developer task load. If you have a good fix for this, or something I have looked past, great. Otherwise adding it to the next rollout would be nice. Otherwise we will have to use the API to draw the data out and process it ourselves (which we wouldn't be able to show in the DashBoard at that point)


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