Tracking/Invoicing Billable Time

Is there any way to track time marked as billable time in YouTrack? Preferably with the ability to generate an invoice (but not required). It would have to lock the time entry of the 'fully billed' jobs, to keep people from accidentally editing or removing billed time.

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Hello Charles,

Thank you for your patience.
This can be partially achieved with particular work item type. You can create, say, "Billing" type under Administration> Time Tracking> work item types.
That means you can define type of the wok while adding it an issue.
However, it's not possible to restrict updating of this field after "work" will be done.

Hey Andrey,

we did an alternative workflow. We added a custom field "billable" (Enum; yes|no) to our projects.
This works fine for us. But the field is not included when generating csv-reports

It would be possible to group the resulting report by the field - but this is not practical.

Is there a chance to get this field included when downloading as csv ?


Kind regards,




Liubov Melnikova

Hi Robert,

Unfortunately it's not yet possible. Please vote/comment for the feature request on tracker: .


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