How to order a report

I am creating a report about an upcoming release (Issues per state), and here are the results (I've customized our states, but that's not relevant to the question):

State Count
Solved 33
Open 14
Closed 4
In Progress 2
Ready for Testing 2
Reopened 1
Verified 1

The bar graph shows Solved on top, and Verified on the bottom -- sorting the report by # of issues.

However, I'd much rather sort by State: Open at the top, Solved in the middle, Closed on the bottom -- because that's the logical order of the workflow.

Is such a thing possible?


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Hi Dave!

Issues show in descending order, this cannot be changed. However, you're able to switch to "Pie Chart" (I assume, you're creating "Issues per arbitrary field").

Let me know if have any additional questions.

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