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I am trying to migrate my Agilo trac to Youtrack 6.0 and I am using the "youtrack-rest-python-library-master" package provided to do that. When I run the script to migrate it crashes with an error "405 method not allow". This error occurs whenever it reaches anything that has to do with PUT method. I enabled REST with all origins on my youtrack server but it did not help. Is there a way to enable PUT method on my youtrack server? Btw the script crashes whenever it reaches line 105 in connection.py which is a "def _put" method.

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We have been working on this too. Found that the Component field in Trac had an empty default value (not a mandatory field) caused the issue.

Also any other custom filed in Trac that had a empty value caused it to fail.  Just have no empty default values.



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