Groups in YouTrack - I don't understand

I put all of my programmers into the global developers group, which I'm happy with because it enabled me to create and save effective issue searches that act as a great ToDo list for all of them. I have one problem with it though ... How do I make a special project that only 2 programmers, not all of them, can see?

I tried to remove the global developers group from the special project but I cannot seem to get rid of it no matter what I do.

I thought to remove everyone from the global developers group and create a non-global group, but it seems that if a group is not global it must be specific to 1 project only. So if I have to create a programmers group for every project, how then do I make the saved searches work globally?

How do I make a special project with it's issues visible to only 2 programmers, but still have searches that all programmers (including those 2) can see?

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