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I find it almost unusable. The forced validation concurrent with any typing is an absolute nightmare. I'd love to push my company to migrating all the way over to Youtrack but rule editing becomes a tedious exercise in typing everything in a perfect sequence (heaven forbid you need to hit backspace). I can't even highlight things? Come'on guys. I'd rather code in notepad and get a global "won't run" error if there's a syntax problem. At least then I could at least type things.

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Hello Josh,

Thank you for your feedback!
We are aware of workflow UX issues and completely agree with you. We plan to take into account all complaints in scope of, please watch for updates.
Workflow IDE is based on MPS IDE ( for meta-programming.

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You really have to do something. We are now trying to customize our setup and finding it very hard, and not for lack of trying. I agree with Josh. It's almost unusable (only usable because it's the only alternative; that I know of). Trying to write something as simple as a message call, I'm unable to get the expression to validate a variable, so I try copy-pasting and modifying a pre-existing section of code. Looks validated in the IDE, but my changes don't matter - the system keeps the pointer the string I copied and presents the wrong text. Facepalm moment!

When can we expect something else? Is there something else (IDE or method) one can use? I'm baffled how some can post great snippets of code when I can hardly get a single line validated! Do they just ignore the errors and trust their code?


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