Cant get Mailbox Integration to work

Every time I try to set up a mailbox with with our company email address I receive a bad_request error and find the following logged to the console.

{"error":"bad_request","error_description":"javax.mail.MessagingException: STARTTLS failure;\n nested
exception is:\n\tcom.sun.mail.iap.ProtocolException: STARTTLS failure"}

Official comment

Please see this article about where to upload the SSL certificate: . If it doesn't help, please submit a support ticket.

Same for me ... any ideas ?


Hello Marco, Robert

Sorry for the delayed reply!

May I kindly ask you to attach your Mailbox integration settings page? Are there any SSL/TLS applied on the mail server? Did you add SSL certs to Administration SSL Key stores/Certicates area?




I have the same problem, I am using a shared hosting email box and I don't have any certificate for it so no SSL/TLS connection!

I try to configure the mailbox integration with pop and imap, and it fails with this errors:


20:16:39,004 ERROR [CompositeTrustManager ] [tzJobProcessor0] [] checkServerTrusted using failed PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

20:20:01,444 ERROR [ErrorExceptionMapper ] [tzJobProcessor0] [] Caught exception during request processing
java.lang.RuntimeException: javax.mail.MessagingException: STARTTLS failure;

I need this setup asap and I don't know how to work around this... any solutions for this?


in my case i had chosen the wrong port. Using IMAPS and Port 993 works perfectly.


Has anyone solved this?

I'm using YouTrack 6.5 in the cloud.

I need to configure my mail (from ASAP.

I would fail and I have no clue how is suppose that I must enter Zoho's certificate there? How I'm I suppose to get the Zoho's certificate as a PKCS12 to import it into the site? I see nothing in the documentation.

How should I proceed, please help!!!


Two tips here:

1) use your own SSL key. Just something you create with a local utility. And if using gmail, that is now required.

2) Another thing that bit us... one day after using this for a year, google started asking us, "someone is trying to get in your account from San Jose California". We didn't realize that this was youtrack cloud, so we didn't ok it. Then we noticed youtrack wasn't connecting to email anymore. Then we told gmail "it's ok, let that san jose guy through", but apparently it was too late. It's been a week, and gmail still rejects youtrack attempts to access that email. So I set up a second gmail address, and that one is happy to let youtrack cloud use it. 

Hope that helps.


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