Migrate internal database database to database server

We know that youtrack uses an internal NoSQL database that should be located in the same machine youtrack is running on. But, we are worried about future youtrack internal database scalability and load balancing.

Is there a way to address these issues within youtrack?.

Is there a possibility to move the database to a SQL database (SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, etc)?

We also would like to access our data directly because REST access is quite limitedI Is there a way to query that internal database and documentation of its structure?.

Thank you.


Hello, German! First of all, what is your planned database capacity in terms of issue/project/user? Second, what exactly is missing from our REST API for you?


We are planning to have a database size of 10GB next year so according to your info we dhould have 5GB of memory in the server.

It is not that it is impossible to do, but you have to do a lot of REST requests and some code to get worktime items inserted by user in a period. Currently we are going to do it like this:

  • Get all issues modified since that period
  • for each issue get all workitems
  • group and filter that workitems per user

I see. By the way, our youtrack.jetbrains.com installation has database size of about 11 GB without attachments, and that is about 800K issues, 1M comments and 10M history events. If you really plan on scaling this big, we can share some info on how it is done by us. About direct database access, one can do it by replicating database (*.xd files) and query it on another machine, but tooling options are unfortunately limited.


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