Import problem with custom string field from Mantis


Hi there,

I am currently testing Youtrack to eventually replace Mantis and the import process worked without too many issues for the default settings.

We have however a custom field in Mantis, which is called 'FixedInVersion' and contains a string. The string contains version numbers which are separated through a comma: 0202, 0203, 0300

The requirement now is to be able to map the version numbers to the 'fix version' field in Youtrack.

I know it is possible to change the mapping for Mantis' custom fields, but all tests failed so far.

Do you have any suggestion how this import can be done?

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Hi Gunnar,

Commonly, there is no alternative options for mapping String (from Mantis) to Fix version (YouTrack). But I think it's better to investigate is it possible to cast "FixedInVersion" to Fix version in Mantis. Could you please check this? 

Is "FixedInVersion" a default field or is it it a custom one?


Hello Andrey,

"FixedInVersion" in Mantis is a custom field.

How can I check if it is possible to cast the custom field something else?



Hello Gunnar,


Did you try to find something valuable here ?

Is Type manageable on that page (don't apply changes if you're not sure what does it affect!). Please check Mantis guides before.


Hi Andrey,

Thanks for your reply, but I am neither a Mantis specialist nor do we want to change anything with Mantis.

My question was if and how it is possible to import a special field with the type string in Youtrack into 'Fix versions'.

Do I understand you correctly that this is not possible? 


Hi Gunnar,

The thing is- it's not possible to migrate field of String type from Mantis to YouTrack's field of version type. But you probably can cast "FixedInVersion" to version type in Mantis. If you can do this, then you'll be able to migrate Mantis's `version` field to YouTrack's `version` successfully.


Hi Andrey,

Thanks, that is a reply I can work with, even if it means that it's not possible when migrating.



You are welcome!


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