How do you limit text search to issue title vs title&description&comments?

In Jira, there were checkboxes to restrict your text search to the summary, description, comments, and environment text fields.


How do you do the same in YouTrack?

For example, I am searching IDEA,IDEABKL,IDEADEV for open issues concering "rename"

rename project: IDEA, IDEADEV, IDEABKL state: New, Open, Reopened, {Won't fix}, Submitted, {To be discussed} type: Bug, Cosmetics, Feature, {Meta Issue}, {Performance Problem}, {Usability Problem}

This is returning 597 open issues because rename is being matched not just on the summary field but also description and comments.

If there is a way to limit the search to the summary text, please let me know. This is the biggest issue I am facing trying to use it.

Maybe you need to have some fields for the text, e.g.

summary: xxxx  searches only summary line

description: xxxx searches only description

summarydescription: xxx searchs summary and description


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