Youtrack Update


We are currently running youtrack Beta Build 59 and are planning an update to build 67.

I have looked for Backup/Update instructions but didn't find any.

I took a database backup through Webinterface - Database - Backup Database now.

Is there any other data we need to backup?

How do I restore the Backup?

Could you give me a short instruction on how to update Youtrack.

If I just overlooked this information on your Website a link would be great.




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To update youtrack build you have to:

1. stop youtrack (if you are using servlet container like tomcat - stop it)

2. overwrite youtrack.jar or youtrack.war with new version

3. start youtrack (tomcat)

4. bingo :-)

You do not have to save or backup your current database - youtrack find and update it on startup automatically.


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