Priority and severity of issues

Hi Guys.

My development team have been experimenting with YouTrack EAP build 67 and have been pleased with its capabilities and the user friendly interface.

The limitation we have found is the ability to log an issue with priority and severity.

Can additional classifications be easily added for issues so that severity can be logged in addition to priority?

Also can the text for these be customised? Sorry if this information is available in the documentation. I have tried searching but couldn’t find anything in relation to my query.



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I've also looked at creating tags for Severity as root and allowing Visible and Updateable by a group assigned to reporters.

This allows tags to be added (although a little clunky), but does not allow the Tags to be removed, are not visible in the search list and also do not have the associated colours.

I'm now testing using a prefix for the summary (i.e S1, S2 etc) and then sharing a saved search.



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