Mapping YouTrack Projects Onto TeamCity Projects

Is it somehow possible to map a version of a YouTrack projects to a TeamCity project?

Imagine your project TheProject has a new release, version 2.0

In Subversion you'd branch for the maintenance release of 2.0 and you create a new TeamCity project for it so TheProject 2.0.x will be automatically built.

Now, YouTrack needs a mapping for TheProject 2.0.x as well, and now it seems so that you'd need to create a new YouTrack project especially for this.

Wouldn't it be easier if you could keep track of project projects based upon the versions you have defined in YouTrack for those projects?

Then you could create a new YouTrack project by selecting TheProject... it would show the version numbers for TheProject, you'd select 2.0.x and map that onto TeamCity's TheProject 2.0.x project. The commit messages would have the same prefix for both projects: TheProject-XX but YouTrack can identify which project to update looking at the YouTrack version of the project associated with the TC one for 2.0.x branch.

The solution now is to create a new YouTrack project 2.0.x... and then move all the 2.0.x bugs from the "trunk" project to this new project?

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I've created an issue on this topic

Currently, one youtrack project may be connected with only one teamcity confiuguration. So your solution is ok. BTW, moving issues between projects is very easy - filter issues, select all, then click "All in search" ( and then type name of the target project in command window.


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