Cannot pull build numbers from TeamCity


We are evaluating YouTrack and its integration with TeamCity. We've mapped two projects I have to their equivalent configurations in TeamCity. However, the build numbers from TeamCity are not imported into you track. I can see the sync for the change list is correctly synchronized and the commits relating to the issues are correctly shown in YouTrack when viewing an issue.

However, there is only one build available in YouTrack where there are 300+ builds on TeamCity. Even new builds do not get added. The only way that a build gets automatically added seems to be if an issues is set to fixed for next build state and after that a build is made, it is then imported to YouTrack. However we would like every build to be imported into YouTrack and be able to pick which build an issue was found in in the Affected Version list. The affected versions list seems to be empty and never seems to get populated.

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I've figured out now that the affected versions only lists released versions. I thought it was meant to list all the build numbers. It is a bit unintuitive I think.

It seems also that YouTrack will only pull builds numbers where there was a fix was made.


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