Search only through summary

Hi everyone,

is it possible to search only through the summary (i.e. the title of a bug) in YouTrack instead of doing a full-text search of everything?




No, it's impossible.



There is already a youtrack for this request JT-1924 that Vadim Gurov created after I asked the same question last year. (See which includes a screenshot from jetbrain's previous jira tracker which youtrack replaced.)

The YouTrack Daring Roadmap listed this issue as going to be fixed (See

Although I see a new Youtrack is going to be released soon, and I don't see this issue fixed, so I guess it didn't make it?

This is a major deficiency compared to Atlassian's Jira which supported seaching on the title, description, comments;  The biggest pain is not

being able to search on the title only because for certain search terms you might get 100s or 1000s of hits when searching entire text but only a few hits when searching title only.

Overall, as a user of for IntelliJ issues,  I find Youtrack much cleaner/simpler/more responsive than the legacy Jira.  I don't really have any other pain points other than this one.




I find it fairly astonishing that a problem/feature tracking system  would not have such a feature even in it's first beta release.  This is  really one of the most basic features.


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