Integration with TMS and support for testing


Do you plan any integration with Test Management Systems (TMS) in reasonable future? I mean here any type of tool, just to mention momth like Quality Center from HP or light and simple TestLink.

What I am missing in YouTrack is possibility to do two things:

  1. Easy-to-use-and-navigate way of adding links to test suites defined in standalone TMS
  2. Possibility to write acceptance tests (acceptance criteria) in structured way within the task (i.e. tests that have to be used to verify task satisfies business and technical requirements)

For the point 1, I would be pretty satisfied with simple and stupid solution where handler of item in YouTrack could paste perm-link to  repository of test cases. I guess this can be achieved by using custom fields, too, but won't large number of these end up in dropdown of overall performance?

For the point 2, I would love to see simple mechanism of adding acceptance tests ('one-liners') in similar way to one used at definition of enumeration for custom fields. Since number of acceptance test varies per case, I cannot use custom fields and for the time being now, it woudl have to be inline, freetext information (which soon will cause each and every task will have that defined in different way).


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Hello, Rafal

Yes, we're planning integration with TMS and currently we're doing the research of the best way to implement it. Please, follow issue JT-2729 to get all the details about this feature.


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